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DefenderS DefenderS is another proud rubber for the new plastic bell era. It's suitable for technical playing styles. We use the Chinese traditional tacky rubber technology to let DefenderS not only spin but also increase elasticity and power. Through our more than 120 days of continuous testing with the new plastic balls, we've mastered the reaction. DefenderS is your guide. The middle soft topsheet gives you enough grip, spin and control. You can easily catch and hold the ball. The new Cellular OriginalS+rfe37 helps you to improve the accuracy by 25%. DefenderS is the perfect balance between dynamic catapult effect and control. Through the understanding of Chinese Kung Fu, especially in Tai Chi Chuai, we obtained more inspiration. "Conquering the unyielding with the yielding, temper force with mercy" is the essence of DefenderS.
AssassinS AssassinS is good at professional style and popular style. You can easy play a professional style with it. Like its name, AssassinS is sharp, technical and dynamic. Forget the speed glue feeling. Let's experience the new feeling in the new plastic ball era. The new plastic ball is more slick and drifting. When you hit the ball, it's like you touch a broken celluloid ball, to make you negative to play the game. The Cellular OriginalS+rfe37 formula and technology give AssassinS more dynamic sponge and topsheet, more speed on its gluing and more spin on its topsheet. It's about 25% more elastic. Your mid-distance power is enough to play at any style. The special pips structure gives the rubber good support and grip. The sponge and frictionally sticky topsheet make it more spinny and create a friction drive. More power is more power. More grip is more spin and more control.
Upupupup UP4 Pro is a very unusual long pips rubber because of its unique conception. The top of the pips are rough, but faster than normal long pips. Against light spin balls they can significantly produce their own spin like regular short pips but against heavy spin they are able to reverse the spin and give the traditional long pips effect. The control is excellent for a long pips rubber and the ball will almost never pop up against loops or chops. The tackiness of the pips provides excellent behavior at the expense of spin reversal so traditional long pips shots can be done easily. These effects have their origins from "GREEN" and "Negatron" technologies. "GREEN" technology used on AIR rubbers offers softer feeling, to give the rubber impressive power, bounce and rebound. "Negatron" technology is the latest for non-elastic requirements and most players actually prefer sponge like this. The "negatron" technology offers the most control and incredible feeling.
Illumina Incorporating the latest "Nanos" and "Force 25" technology rubber created by AIR.

Increasing the spin and speed of the already popular Illumina was a challenge. But through the development of our new technologies called "Nanose", and "Force 25" we were able to increase both spin and speed while maintaining Illumina's great blocking, and ability to hit through spin. Illumina introduces two new sponges that are not tuned, and don't need to be. Alpha plus is a harder, faster version with a bouncy feel, comparable to speed glued rubbers in the past. Whilst Delta sound provides a louder click and an incredible topspin capacity.
Scirocco Air is proud to introduce its premier rubber, the Scirocco. Using the "Green Technology", featuring an incredible sponge that maintains its speed with all glues, even the water-based VOC free glue. The Scirocco is not only very spinny but also a "fast" rubber. It is very bouncy and gives a tremendous catapult effect. It is excellent for spin strokes, loops and counter looping. Scirocco is for players demanding excellent spin and speed. With its soft sponge, the rubber sheet offers the player sensational touch and feeling for the ball. It gives also a clear sound on striking the ball for maximum feedback.
Panamera A table tennis rubber with short pips, and an innovation from AIR. PANAMERA is suitable for close-to-the-table hitters and power blockers. It's at the borderline of allowable pips according to ITTF rules. AIR has arranged for a special soft sponge with 33 Shore. This special sponge adds to spin and also gives the hitting pips much needed touch. Harder pips give not only speed and power but also more spin and control. Made with AIR's "Green Technology".
Classique Classique Pro presents a special pips design which provides a totally different feeling for chop defence. The "Nanos" technology enables the rubber to create amazing backspin strokes with excellent control, and also adequate speed to counter with disturbing attacking balls. These effects are supplied by "GREEN" and "negatron" technologies. "GREEN" technology used on AIR sponges offers a soft feeling and gives enormous power to the rubber with an excellent bounce and a strong rebound. "Negatron" is the latest technology for non-elastic requirements and most players actually prefer the sponge like this. This technology offers the highest control and excellent ball feeling.